Eat ‘Em Up Frank

Most nights after dinner Howard sits in his chair by the woodstove and I work at some bit of leather or carving, and he tells stories. Not just stories, but most everything you need to know about having a good life. Here’s one of the stories from tonight. 

There used to be a guy had a roadhouse right this side of the wood river. Everyone called him Eat Em Up Frank, cause when you get there he’d always be telling you eat em up! Eat em up!

He used to make some moonshine. One day he lost his teeth. He couldn’t find them anywhere and he was offering a $5 reward.

Well I was looking where he dump his slop pail, and I see something shiny white, like teeth. It looked like a head, too. I thought there was a dead person down there! I ran and told my mom and stepdad. They went and looked, and it was his teeth! They come out while he was throwing up. He gave me $5 for that.

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