Talking Circle Saturday

Everyone’s invited to a traditional talking circle this Saturday (Dec 8) at 2pm at camp.

Bring a little food to share if you’re inspired to.

Call for directions or a ride across the river if you need them – 907-590-9846.

Stay home if it’s colder than -25.

About the talking circle, Howard says:

You know that we should associate with each other and we’re not doing it. Because a lot of us, we have problems and we don’t let it out, we don’t tell our friends about it. There’s one way to do this is to have a circle talk and get to know each other more. We all got problems and we hold it back and pretty quick it gets hard on our body and I think that’s the reason that right now there’s all this suicide and stuff is happening.

I’m willing to share with whoever black or white or yellow or and I think that’s what it takes, that we should associate together.

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